George Soros Suprise Coming

May 18, 2017 0

George Soros, the most evil man on earth, is the combustion propelling the anti-Trump attacks front paged each and every day, as well as on TV networks. […]

Dismantling the Marxist Madrassas

May 15, 2017 0

Burlington College, once headed by the wife of Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders has gone bankrupt, but the MSM has been very slow to report on her role in the school’s closing. […]

Media Bias and Trump

February 22, 2017 0

Everybody knows deep down that the press is hopelessly biased. This is nothing new, but now it is far more obvious. […]

Journalist, Not Biased Hack

February 3, 2017 0

Fired Marketplace reporter Lewis Wallace has confused the First Amendment right of self-expression with his professional duty. […]

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