Old Men With Guns

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By Dave Hoffman:

Dave Hoffman

We tend to be quiet. If we speak at all, it’s among friends, or at the ballot box. Our commentary is not often found on Facebook, or Twitter, or many of the other common social media platforms. We share our thoughts and ideas on less common websites, like RallyPoint or Conservative Free Speech. We don’t tend to rant about the anti-gunners.

When we talk about gun violence, or gun safety, or gun laws, we tend to use fact and reason, rather than unsupported rhetoric or flimsy, unsupported by fact, generalizations. We’ll discuss issues with you, but we tend to back away when it becomes obvious that you don’t want to listen to fact, or reason, or reality. We’re old men with guns, and we don’t have the time or inclination to listen to or discuss with those who avoid fact and espouse emotion.

We have weapons at home. We’ve taught our children and our grandchildren about gun safety, and they know that weapons are not toys. Many of us have taught them to shoot, and, in some cases, have even given them their first weapon, taken them to the range, or hunting.

We took the time to explain to our children the meaning of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. We’ve talked to them about America’s history, of how our country came to be, of the importance of knowing well our Founding Documents. We’ve taught them to distrust and be wary of anyone who would try to change these documents, to put words into the mouths and the quill pens of our Founders that they never meant. We taught them that our Constitution CAN be amended but CANNOT be reinterpreted.

The weapons we have are clean, well cared for, and generally kept loaded and ready for use. We know where they are. We keep them secure, but readily available. We spend time on the range with them. We’re old men with guns, maybe just a bit shaky and not as keen of eyesight as we used to be, but we can hit what we shoot at, and we can kill what we shoot at.

We tend to be quiet. If you start a public argument, we are most likely to walk away rather than have a confrontation. Many of us are ex or retired cops, firemen, military, and we’ve seen the results of violence in many forms. Some of us have seen combat. Some of us have lost friends, family, loved ones to violence. A few of us have had people we loved die in our arms, and have smelt the coppery odor of warm blood, had it on our hands, mixed with our tears.

We are old men with guns. If you escalate a confrontation to the stage of violence, you are very likely to die. We will not pull our weapon in some grandstanding play of threat or in an effort to impress you with the fact that we are armed. In most cases, you will never know to look at us that we are armed. Count on this, however. If that weapon leaves its holster, we do so with the intent to use it.

We are old men with guns. We have seen what you are doing to our country (and you know who you are) and you would be advised to look for two things to happen. First, that we will all die off. Second, that we are not replaced with other old men with guns, old men that became old men with guns because we trained them well.

We are old men with guns, and we are quiet, and we are getting angry. Something you need to recognize is this. More and more, there is a growing population of old women with guns, women who can handle a weapon as well as any man and far better than any person that thinks anti-gun. These women, many of whom are Mothers, will go to great lengths to protect themselves from those that see them as somehow the weaker sex, less prone to violence, less likely to be ready to protect themselves or others. If you believe that they are fearful or less dangerous, stand between a lioness and her cub.

On a more personal note.

I am an old man with a gun. My wife is dead, as are two of my sons. I served in Viet Nam, two tours. I have lived a full and rewarding life. Fear me. I will not surrender my weapons because you attempt to inflict a complex system of laws upon me, designed to restrict and to eventually take away my right to keep and bear arms.

I am an old man with a gun. And I WILL defend my right to keep and bear it.

© Copyright by Dave Hoffman, 2018. All rights reserved.

Dave Hoffman
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Dave Hoffman is a VietNam vet and now retired after having worked many years in security. He has a unique and often humorous take on life and our republic. He has been a staff writer for CHCH News Publishing since its inception in 2003 with a number of columns to his credit, not to mention his satirical "Newsflash" pieces that were a long time staple of Capitol Hill Coffee House.