Obama: Having a Fire Sale on Presidential Pardons

Need a presidential pardon? Step right up - Obama's having a fire sale!

Obama pardons
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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean editor/publisher
Chip McLean

Apparently as Barack Obama enters his final days as president, he’s decided to have a fire sale on pardons:

President Obama on Monday pardoned 78 people and granted another 153 commutations, amounting to the most acts of clemency granted by a U.S. president ever in a single day.

White House Counsel Neil Eggleston announced the decisions in an official blog post. He described all the individuals being pardoned or seeing their sentences shortened as “deserving.”

“The 231 individuals granted clemency today have all demonstrated that they are ready to make use – or have already made use – of a second chance,” he wrote.

He also previewed additional clemency decisions in the weeks ahead, saying: “I expect that the President will issue more grants of both commutations and pardons before he leaves office.”

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Even Bill Clinton didn’t issue pardons and commutations at the pace that Obama is setting.

Slick Willie faced some rather strong criticisms at the time regarding all of those executive pardons – especially the one where he pardoned tax evader Marc Rich. Ironically it was James Comey who ultimately found no wrong doing for this particularly odious pardon.

Of course, we can now wait to see if Obama winds up making the “Big deal of the day”, and gives Hillary Clinton a pardon. We have about a month before we find out what is behind door number three.

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  1. Lets hope a few of them live in his neighborhood although somehow I highly doubt that will happen. He releases them in OUR neighborhoods so WE can be their next victim.

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