Newsflash: Undocumented immigrants demand fair treatment

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By Dave Hoffman:

Dave Hoffman

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Washington, D. C. September 19, 2018 (AP, UPI, Reuters)

Undocumented immigrants from Mexico, Central America, South America, and other nations are planning demonstrations and a march in this city on October 1st, 2018. The march is to protest the unfair treatment that many have received at the hands of the United States government and several state governments. The activities are being sponsored and funded by the United Nations Human Rights Committee, which has submitted a request for additional UN funding from the United States for the events. The speakers, including many influential Democrat legislators and several of the Hollywood elite, will be focusing on the unfair monopolization of funds for various programs by United States citizens. A spokesperson for the group stated: “For too long, money has been spent for schools, medical care, and welfare primarily for US citizens. It’s time for citizens of this country to pay their own way, releasing more funds to meet the needs of the undocumented. After all, they were just born here, while we had to fight to get here!”


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