Newsflash: NFL hurricane volunteers drown during rescue (satire)

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By Dave Hoffman:

Dave Hoffman

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Wilmington, N. C. September 19, 2018

The North Carolina National Guard is being mentioned as the possible cause of the death of three would be volunteer rescuers, FEMA reported today. The incident occurred when the three volunteers were wading in waist deep water in southeastern Wilmington. The men were moving toward a yet unchecked area to look for survivors, when a rescue boat, piloted by a Coast Guard volunteer passed by in the vicinity, and stopped momentarily so that the two NG troops on board could relieve themselves. According to sources at the scene, one of the National Guardsmen, Cpl. JoeBob Kornbread, was playing the National Anthem on his cell phone, and the three volunteers, all NFL players, kneeled in the water and subsequently drowned. FEMA is asking rescuers not to play patriotic songs during their searches, to prevent further incidents.


(NewsFlash articles are parody news stories intended for amusement).

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Dave Hoffman
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