Newsflash: Dems seek impeachment against Kavanaugh after discovering new evidence (satire)

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By Dave Hoffman:

Dave Hoffman

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Washington, D. C. October 6, 2018 (AP, UPI, Reuters)

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced a short time ago that they will be requesting Democratic members of the House of Representatives to start impeachment proceedings against newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The DNC has stated that new evidence has just been provided about the judge which calls into question his ability, indeed his right, to serve. Documents uncovered by the DNC indicate that Kavanaugh raped and murdered Amelia Earhart, and then dumped her body in the Pacific Ocean to hide his crime. Further documents indicate that Janis Joplin was also killed by Kavanaugh, during a love tryst. His involvement in the disappearance of Judge Crater and his role in the supplying of drugs to Elvis Presley that led to Elvis’ death is being studied, as is the fact that documents indicate that Kavanaugh purchased a large amount of explosives shortly before he took a “Vacation” on Mt. St. Helens, before the “eruption” took place.


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