Left-wing New York Times forced to retract more fake news

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By News Desk Editor: 

The New York Times is known as the “old gray lady”…maybe that should be changed to the “old fake lady”…

In the aftermath of the horrific shootings at the congressional charity baseball practice that saw a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter shoot Steve Scalise (R-LA), along with four others, the left-wing press, Dems including Nancy Pelosi along with assorted “entertainers” have been trying to wiggle their way out of their own culpability, by projecting it back on to “conservatives”.

Never mind that there has been an escalating epidemic of left-wing violence against those who don’t agree with their extremist politics. They choose not to see how they have helped facilitate an environment where violence against conservatives, Republicans, Christians and Trump supporters is at the least tacitly approved and in some cases seemingly encouraged.

Howard Kurtz has an excellent piece at Fox today on the latest example of the MSM – in this case the New York Times – wanting to overlook the obvious and reprint recycled discredited stories – in this case fake news from six years ago:

So much for unity.

Just when a debate erupts over the role of media and mendacity in the shooting of a Republican congressman, the New York Times revives a discredited theory about the six-year-old shooting of a Democratic congresswoman.

This was so egregious and embarrassing that the Times editorial page was compelled yesterday to run a correction.

And worse than that, it was utterly tone-deaf in the wake of the shooting of Steve Scalise and four others, with the Republican whip still in critical condition. The editorial seemed to say, the hell with that, what about right-wing hatred?

The argument involving the near-fatal shooting of Gabby Giffords wasn’t true at the time, and appears even more ludicrous in retrospect. To resurrect it now undercuts any effort at breaking the cycle of guilt by association. The editorial suggests that it’s fine to blame conservative rhetoric, but not liberal rhetoric, for senseless violence.

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