The left is gambling with American lives with their anti-Trump hysteria: Sean Hannity

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By News Desk Editor:

From “fake tears” Chuck Schumer to the fake news MSM sycophants, the left has gone absolutely apoplectic over the Trump administration’s temporary ban on refugees.

Their caterwauling is replete with hypocrisy, double standards and out and out lies about this very sensible policy that was part of the reason that Donald Trump was elected.

Sean Hannity has an excellent piece that exposes this blatant left wing propaganda for what it is – blatant left wing propaganda:

(Fox News) Liberals spent the weekend freaking out and completely misrepresenting President Trump’s extreme vetting temporary travel ban for countries that have ties to radical Islamic terror, so let’s separate fact from fiction and truth from hysteria.

We all saw Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer well up in crocodile tears as he derided the president’s perfectly legal and highly prudent executive order. Trump rightly called him out on the Oscar-worthy performance.

“I noticed Chuck Schumer yesterday with fake tears,” Trump said. “I’m going to ask him who is his acting coach because I know him very well. I don’t see him as a crier. If he is, he’s a different man. There’s about a five percent chance that it was real, but I think they were fake tears.”

What Chucky Schumer didn’t explain through his sobs was that he himself supported a refugee pause back in 2015. And I don’t recall Schumer crying after the terror attacks in San Bernardino or the Chattanooga shootings, in which foreign-born terrorists killed nearly 20 Americans and wounded dozens of others. Likewise, no tears were shed for these American victims by the Hollywood elites who lashed out against President Trump at the Screen Actors Guild awards.

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