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This is not about Trump or Hillary - it's about our last chance to retake our nation

Trump or Hillary
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By Charlie Lyon, PhD:

Charlie Lyon
Charlie Lyon

In response to the USA Today’s editorial board taking a stand against Trump, I posted a link on Facebook to Mike Pence’s rebuttal and my own response.  The following is the conversation/debate that followed. I hope you may find it helpful in lighting brushfires of freedom in the hearts of your countrymen!

Whatever questions we may have about Donald Trump’s “fitness” to be president of the USA, we can examine decades of remarkable commercial achievement that Mr. Trump has produced proving that he is viable: People have been voting for him for years with their hard earned money. He provides goods and services that make people’s lives better! Conversely, we do know exactly what we are getting with Hillary Clinton: Decades of scandal, gross negligence, habitual untruthfulness, bullying of the women her husband had affairs with, cover up, cronyism, corruption, insolence, impertinence and death. Who thinks Hillary Clinton really makes life better for anyone and would willingly pay for anything she has produced?

Kristina Ostrander Miniard

 I truly value your observation on the election Charlie Lyon!! You are someone that I admire and I feel you have a good sense of what this country needs to right wrongs and move forward …. I still can not get past my fear that a vote for Trump will be a vote for world War III ….. 🙂

Like · Reply · September 30 at 11:21pm

Charlie Lyon I appreciate the encouragement, Tina! I would remind you of Franklin Roosevelt’s famous quote, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” You’re probably not old enough to remember the shape the country was in during Jimmy Carter’s presidency. It seemed like the country was in a perpetual state of fear and gloom. Ronald Reagan, attacked with the same type of accusations Trump is receiving, eventually changed the trajectory to one of faith and genuine hope for the future. What changed my mind about Trump is that the people who he is even now choosing to surround himself with are people who believe in us, We The People! They can change the current course of bloated government bureaucracy and micro-management of our lives to the essentials of America: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Not equal stuff for everyone, but equal opportunity for all.

Our greatest fear should be that we are no longer capable of governing ourselves because we can no longer discern truth from error or, as in the case of Hillary Clinton supporters, JUST DON’T CARE about truth.

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Jacob Karpel Charlie, Donald Trump’s relationship with the truth is… well, nearly nonexistent. In the past 48 hours alone, he claimed to win two polls which never occurred, denied bragging about paying zero taxes on stage at the debate, denied the accusations Hillary Clinton leveled at him about his insults about the former Miss Universe… then repeated them at 3:30 in the morning on Twitter.

Not saying Hillary is honest, she isn’t, but claiming Trump is telling the truth is a real stretch. Rolling Stone clocked him at a major lie every 3 minutes on average during his campaign rallies.

Go Johnson.

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Jeff Best Please don’t say the name Reagan in the same sentence as Trump. There will be a day when Christians will regret their part in getting Trump elected…even with the understanding of the evil he’s running against.

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Colleen Heitkamp There isn’t much evidence that Trump listens to his advisors and he clearly doesn’t care about truth. By associating with him evangelicals have already harmed the Christian message.#NEVERTRUMP

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Jeff Best I’m not a never Trump guy….I’m simply a “never a liberal” guy which just so happens to be Trump this election cycle. We don’t defeat obesity by nibbling on candy bars. The time is now to go on a diet instead of pretending we can defeat liberalism by eating smaller portions from the same liberal candy rack.

Charlie Lyon Since you represent many young people Jacob, I hope you can discern the difference between Hillary’s dissembling of language and Trump’s miscarriage of language! Hillary’s habitual untruthfulness has resulted in the death of people entrusted to her care and the influence of foreign powers through her extreme carelessness in carrying out her duties or selling out our counties national defenses. Trump’s “lies” may insult and offend but they don’t result in deliberately destroying the foundations of law.

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Jacob Karpel So, for reference before I type the rest of this out, I’m not voting for her. The only thing she ever actually provably did would have put me in jail for a decade, while she skated. Thus, voting for Gary Johnson.

However, the incident you refer to (Benghazi) has been investigated more exhaustively than 9/11 itself. 65 Congressional hearings, thousands of investigative man-hours, and over 7 million tax dollars went into the Republican-led effort and failed to prove any wrongdoing. I’m getting sick of hearing it, to be honest. The worst they could come up with is that the DOD could have beefed up security beforehand. I’m not discounting these deaths, but laying them at Clinton’s feet is a fallacy.

As for Trump… his words currently have major allies (such as Israel, South Korea, and Germany) ready to sever ties in the event of his election. He openly advocates war crimes and brags about bankruptcy abuse… and wants to go into nuclear PREEMPTIVE brinksmanship. I’m not talking about offense, I’m talking about a legitimate tactical fear of him ending the world because someone insults him.

Of all 18 Republican candidates that started campaigns, he’s the only one I’d vote Hillary to avoid. Grateful that there is viable third-party this year, so I don’t have to do that.

Charlie Lyon That’s my point: We absolutely know what we are getting with Hillary – continued fundamental transformation of an America most of us don’t want to live in: a polarized, anemic, bureaucratic controlled, uninspired, fragmented waste land.

And I’m glad you brought up Benghazi, Jacob. I couldn’t agree with you more that it was political theater. Many congressmen and senators, on both sides of the aisle, should be sitting in prison now along with Hillary. Here’s a lesson in self evident truth: Our political system has indeed evolved, much like Orwell’s prescient views, into a colluding force of shared philosophy and power. We are being “governed” by a political class who deem themselves above the law and superior to the masses. Why do you think we have more people working for the federal government then in manufacturing things of real value? Why do they make more money and have greater benefits & job security then people doing similar work in the private sector? Why is a huge segment of the population growing ever more dependent on government subsidies?

This election is not about Trump or Hillary. It’s about tens of millions of Americans who view 2016 as the last peaceful attempt to tear down this oligarchy, reestablish the rule of law, and recommit to the founding principles that really did make this country, well, beautiful. Trump, the outsider, for all his quirkiness, has been chosen by those countrymen to lead this effort. For the rest of us, let us remember that sage advice: Lead, follow, or get out of the way!

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Charlie Lyon
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