Know Thy Enemy

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By Larry Wilke:

One of the primary reasons that any, person, organization or country, etc., loses a “war” with an enemy is because they truly do not understand their enemy. On that somber note, its time for EVERYONE to acknowledge that the left declared “war” against America and all that is good nearly sixty years ago. As always, the problem isn’t with those that understand the left’s “war”, the problem lies with those that do not recognize that the “war” that has been declared upon THEM even exists..

Please keep in mind that the overwhelming bulk of those that fall into the “War, what War on America?” group also voted in November to extend the Bolshevik battlefronts.. That is correct, the ignorant, the inattentive and the ambivalent, the distracted, the deflected and the apathetic have allowed the liberals to reload their weapons of mass destruction at TAXPAYER EXPENSE for another four years.

If OWEbama and the collectivist caliphate had been properly defeated in November, their “War” would have slowed appreciably. (Note that I did say that it would have ended..) Their “funding” would have had to have come from their own pockets as opposed to the “funding” being unconstitutionally stolen from the revenue coffers provided by the taxpayers under the guise of “health scare” or some “bailout” or “takeover”.

As we all know, the left is considerably more enthusiastic about spending OTHER people’s money rather than digging deeply into their own dirty progressive pockets.. “Compassion” has always been more prevalent when someone else is involuntarily scratching the checks..

For what may be the last time, the ONLY relevant statistics from the 2008/2012 elections will be repeated for your edification. The statistics are as follows but the preamble to them speaks more clearly than ANY assemblage of numbers.. Those who DID NOT participate in this election DECIDED the outcome of this election, an election that will FURTHER punish ALL of America.. They did not know their enemy..

In 2008, 61.6% of eligible voters responded to the polls, in 2012: 57.5%. There was but a 3.9% difference between OWEbama and Romney, a “change” of 4,970,508 votes. (51.1% against 47.2%) OWEbama tallied the SAME states as he did in 2008 with the exception of North Carolina and Indiana.. The voters of only TWO states managed to see the light after four years of collectivist carpet bombing.. (The 2nd Congressional District in Nebraska did the right thing as well..)

A mere 333,908 votes cast properly in four states, Florida, Ohio, Virginia and New Hampshire would have CHANGED the outcome in 2012. As well, McCain received 59,934,814 votes in 2008 after a scintillating campaign that was a sure cure for insomnia. Mitt Romney received 59,634,222 votes in 2012, a difference of approximately 300,000 LESS votes then McCain AND that was AFTER four years of napalming by the liberals..

SOME of us knew the enemy. ALL of us SHOULD have known the enemy after four years of intentional decimation and destruction..

It is not necessary to understand every nuance of the liberal’s “War”. It is not necessary to see the subtle liberal minutia of quotes like this one from “Stoli” Joe on gun SEIZURE/control from just a few days ago at a Google (uber-liberals, NEVER use them) “handout session”, “it’s gun safety, not gun control”. (MSNBC) “Minutia” is what makes politics “boring”, there is no need for such details, the BIG details should certainly suffice and the “BIG details” have been in full force for over four years.. It’s not even about obvious (BIG) liberal subterfuge vomited forth by Rodham (Cross Eyed Mary) as he/she said, “What’s the difference” in relation to her duplicity in the TERRORIST attack upon an American embassy in Benghazi..

We MUST assume that the liberal “wheels” that are well hidden under the table are ALWAYS turning. There are too many Democrats (and they are almost ALL distinctly “liberal”) skulking about Washington so it is only logical to conclude that even though you don’t see the rats on the street, you know that there are plenty of them rummaging about in the sewer.. Of late, they have recently become quite brazen in their “out in the open”, all-out in your face leftist destruction of America and EVERY American, regardless of their race, their gender or their economic status is being “victimized” AFTER being unabashedly victimized since January of 2009..

After sixty years, even after the last four years of focused energy Hell bent upon the destruction of America, no one has any excuse for not knowing thy enemy any longer..

© Copyright by Larry Wilke, 2013. All rights reserved.

Larry Wilke
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