Just a Two-Day “Anger Fit,” Reverend Al?

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By John Lillpop:

Pity Poor Reverend Al Sharpton.

Just when it appeared as though the George Zimmerman verdict had pumped new life into Sharpton’s Protesting for Profit money scheme, things somehow went wrong. Terribly wrong.

Which is a good thing, because for a while, it seemed as though the Reverend had struck gold when the jury in Florida followed the law, and common sense, and found George Zimmerman “NOT GUILTY” of second-degree murder, or even manslaughter.

Not Guilty? Barely had those words echoed through the Florida courtroom before Sharpton announced his grand scheme for protests in 100 cities.

“”People all across the country will gather to show that we are not having a two or three-day anger fit. This is a social movement for justice,” Sharpton said, in announcing his 100- city protest campaign.

While responsible black leaders urged restrain and calm, the Reverend spotted a great opportunity to enrich the “Protesting for Profits” coffers and, as usual, he took immediate steps to rake in the booty from the Zimmerman windfall.

The Lord himself seemed to be in Sharpton’s corner when the nation was pummeled by a blistering heat wave from coast to coast. Perfect protesting weather, right, Al?

From an even high authority, Sharpton’s scavenging off the scabs of racial disharmony was boosted when President Obama interrupted an otherwise ordinary press conference and declared that the History of Racism, including that of naughty ladies in elevators grasping their purses at the mere sight of a black male, justified the African-American obsession with sending George Zimmerman to prison for life, despite all the evidence and facts.

Triple-digit temperatures and a presidential slam against the chubby Hispanic “wanna be” cop seemed sufficient red meat to drive at least100 cities into racial discord, if only for the weekend.

All the pieces were coming together for Reverend Sharpton, just as Al and God intended.

Unfortunately for the “Holy” Reverend, his Protesting for Profit gala was a flop. A real stinker to put it in plain profit and loss lingo.

Rather than tens of thousands of Rachel Jeantels protesting against white-ass crackers, a few hundred ill-informed race mongers looking to make the evening news invaded a few locales.

Most of the “protesters” were, in fact, losers employed by the mainstream media, in attendance to chronicle-film a bloody start to what Al hoped would be the 2nd American Revolution.

So just where in the hell were the real protestors?

Certainly not at home watching MSNBC or CNN news, given the putrid ratings turned in by those failed networks.

Even Barack Obama and family found more exciting adventures ….with the nation in shambles, the First Family will be dashing off to Martha’s Vineyard to cavort with white elitists, a vacation that surely beats the hell out of a weekend with Al Sharpton and his Protesting for Profits crusade!

What’s next for Al Sharpton and Protesting for Profits?

Bankruptcy may be the only choice left, Reverend.

May we recommend that you check for BK shysters in the Detroit area, where many are known to lurk these days?

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John W. Lillpop
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