Impregnating America with Muslims: American Massacres (Part 4)

Our country stands in the cross hairs of a multicultural nightmare of violence

American Massacres
Scene from the April 15, 2013 bombing at the Boston Marathon, perpetrated by Muslim brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
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By Frosty Wooldridge:

Frosty Wooldridge

Part 4: As Muslim numbers expand in host countries, massacres guaranteed

You might think the Muslim French massacre that occurred in Paris and Nice constitute a small number of individuals.  You would be wrong.  The entire Koran advocates all its members toward such barbaric, heinous attacks on Western non-believers.

“The fact that we face an enemy that’s going to be with us as far as I can see. These are vicious, unprincipled animals, and they . . . try to find ways to attack Western civilizations, attack Judeo-Christian civilizations,” said US House of Representatives member Steve King

Whether you remember the Muslim killings in Sydney, Australia in 2015 or over 700 car bombings over New Year’s in France (kept quiet by MSM) or Sweden being fire bombed last summer—Islam provokes violence wherever it spreads.

In 2016, dramatic and tragic slaughters continued in the Islamic State (ISIS) in the Syrian-Iraqi area they control. Muslims murdered more than 140 school children in Pakistan. A monster named Boko Haram kidnapped 276 girls in Nigeria in 2015 and sold them into sexual hell and slavery. These acts represent a strict interpretation of Sharia Law based on the Koran.

Within America, in the past 25 years, Islamic mosques jumped from 300 to over 2,200 in 2016.  Our FBI must monitor dozens of them in bigger cities such as Boston, Detroit and New York City because their imams preach jihad, violence and mayhem in America.

Amazingly, the Main Stream Press continues “political correctness” so as not to offend Muslims worldwide who pretend to be peaceful.  Wrong!  Moderate Muslims worldwide commit over 20,000 honor killings of their women annually. They cut their girl children with female genital mutilation, they pour acid in women’s faces if they step out of line, they beat their wives, they kill gay people, they stone women to death and they arrange marriages of 11 year old girls to grown men.

They maintain absolute terror over their women at all times.  The question must be asked.  Why does the Western Press cover for the Koran’s violence and barbaric propensities?  If Islam pretends to be so peaceful, why don’t the other 1 billion Muslims speak up?  Answer: they face death if they question the Koran or any imams.

Shalom Lewis said, “But what disturbs me is where are the other 950 million Muslims who are not terrorists? Who are not bomb blasting, acid throwing, zealots? Where are the other 950 million Muslims who tuck their children in at night with a lullaby, who are okay with Christians and Jews, crave a peaceful world and wish nothing more than a tasty bowl of hummus and a friendly game of Shesh Besh with a neighbor?”

Unfortunately, they form a silent partnership that compliments Sharia Law and violence toward non-believers and their own.  You will be killed if you renounce Islam.

“Sin is not just in the act of commission,” said Lewis.  “It is also in the act of omission. Most Germans were not Nazis – but it did not matter.
  Most Russians were not Stalinists – but it did not matter.
 Most Muslims are not terrorists – but it does not matter.
Stand up righteously or get out of the way. Perhaps in every mosque, in every midrassah, in every Muslim neighborhood, Edmund Burke’s powerful warning should be chiseled on a wall in Arabic, in Farsi, in Pashto, in Urdu, for all to read and heed. “All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.”

In 2015, Muslims captured three young Israelis and killed them. Thus began Operation Protective Edge.  We seem to think our Muslims won’t do what Europe’s Muslims do? Wrong! It’s only a matter of time before more Boston Marathon bombers split our country into fear and loathing.  If we speak up by printing caricatures of their warlord leader, they will blow us up or shoot us in our offices.  It’s already happening in Sweden and Norway where no one dares speak a realistic word about Muslims in those countries.

“The Gaza war was much more than shooting down rockets and blowing up tunnels,” said Lewis.  “It was the preview, the soft opening, for a much more serious war – a genuine world war. It was a test of resolve, of fortitude. It was a test watched carefully by the indecent forces of a rising Islamist world. Israel is only the beginning.”

Clearly, America, Canada, Europe and Australia must stop importing Muslims into their countries.  If they don’t stop, every Western country faces the same kinds of massacres suffered by 12 journalists in the streets of Paris, France.

It’s only a matter of time and Muslim numbers in host countries.

Our country stands in the cross hairs of a multicultural nightmare bequeathing violence upon us as our Congress and presidents dump another 100 million legal immigrants onto this civilization within 30 years.

We citizens must stop kidding ourselves—we stand eyeball-deep in trouble.

We need to stop it by collectively acting:

“Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck

This 10 minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”

Most Americans, Canadians, Europeans or Australians along with their elected leaders—fail to understand their predicament: a self-inflected victimization-date with destiny.

What you can do to start a national discussion:

Write the following media programs to interview speakers on what we face if we add another 138 million people:  Many experts can speak on this demographic nightmare:  Dave Gardner at ; Dr. Jack Alpert at ; Bromwell Ault at ; Former Governor Richard D. Lamm of Colorado; Roy Beck director a , Mr. K.C. McAlpin at ; Joanne Wideman ; Dan Stein ; David ; Edward C. Hartman .  Dr. Diana Hull,

Additionally, I will speak on any TV or radio show in the country with excellent articulation and acumen.  If not now, then who and when?

Charlie Rose:

Leslie Stahl or Steve Croft:

Robert Siegel at Talk of the Nation:

Matt Lauer at NBC Today Show:

Terri Gross at NPR


Megyn Kelley at Fox News

O’Reilly at Fox News

Steve Inskeep at NPR

Take action by joining for free:

America: ; ;


United Kingdom:

Australia:  Sustainable Population Australia

Coming in Part 5: Adding more Muslims adds more violence.

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