Donald Trump and Americans Reach the Unreachable Star

Against all odds, Donald Trump wins a victory for the American people

Donald Trump wins
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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean
Chip McLean

The entire Democrat machine was working against him. The entire MSM was working overtime with negative coverage and polls that consistently oversampled Democrats and also failed to take into account the huge enthusiasm gap that plagued Hillary Clinton.

American Pravda did everything they could in order to defeat Donald Trump and give the election to Hillary.

The elitist GOP leadership and so-called “conservative” pundits like the ones at National Review worked hard on their “Never Trump” narrative.

They threw everything but the kitchen sink at the Donald (actually they may have thrown that as well!)

There was one thing they didn’t bank on, and that was the American people.

Against all odds, the “silent majority” unified and went to the polls in numbers that exceeded any “expert’s” prediction.

At the end of the day (well actually around 2:30 AM), Hillary Clinton was conceding the race to Donald Trump.

What the opposition never got, was that this was about far more than Donald Trump – and Trump said this himself – this was a movement.

It was a movement to stop the globalist tide that has been destroying our jobs, our freedoms and even our unique American culture.

In short, this was about saving our republic.

America did speak, and Donald Trump will be our 45th president.

Trump was the one man the opposition could not take down.

Today, America and Trump have dreamed the “Impossible Dream” and reached the unreachable star.

As Ronald Reagan said in 1984, “It’s morning again in America.”

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Chip McLean
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