Despite Obama US Will Build LNG Plants

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By Kevin Roeten:

St. Gabriel IS  Close To Gulf Of Mexico

St. Gabriel, Louisiana (7000), could be one of the next Liquefied Natural Gas, LNG, exporting facilities. LNG is basically natural gas that is cooled and liquefied.

The U.S. will use it with another 21 plants planned to be built by 2020, and ramp-up to the largest world exporter of oil and gas.

Covert construction sites will generate over $100 billion for thousands of people here in this country.

Obama Says Nary A Word About Potential LNG 

Interesting how nothing on this subject has been emanating from Obama’s mouth. Nothing about how America is primed to take the lead on supplying oil and gas worldwide. Nothing about Erik Milito, API Director-Upstream and Industry Operations, saying approval of the export terminals could create over 10,000 jobs, strengthen U.S. geopolitical positions, reduce global emissions, and double exports.

Reading an ICF International recent report, one can simply confirm Milito’s prognostications. Export terminals are listed in the order DOE expects to review construction. Also listed are four operating export plant locations.

Actual Proposed LNG Plants

One would think Obama would tout this oncoming “tour-de-force” fort the American economy. But Obama proclaims our alleged “AGW” situation. He seems to be stalling as long as possible to keep these plants from processing anything involved with “greenhouse gases.”             

 All planned export locations can be found on the map [].

Energy Advantage Already Geared

Near St. Gabriel is one of the locations where Dr. Kent MoorsEnergy Advantage, will take part in drilling for, and accumulating, LNG. It’s used for paper, metal, chemicals, stone, clay, glass, clothing, medicine, plastics, paints, fertilizers, photographic film, dyes, and petroleum.

It’s also used for processing various foods.

Since 2000, global demand for LNG has grown by 7.6 percent/ year.

Perry Jumps On Board

Now, Governor Rick Perry is asking for unlimited natural gas and oil exports. He knows they would incredibly aid the economy, and help American allies hampered by Russia’s control of European natural gas supplies.

Perry knows energy is a weapon in the hands of enemies. He went on to  say if energy is going to be used as a weapon, America needs to have the largest arsenal.

Cheap prices are currently driving a building boom of chemical and other manufacturing plants using natural gas. Obama has been approving export applications very slowly, limiting the outflow.

Can Obama’s Secret Intentions Be Communistic? 

He’s up to something. Instead of a full-blown capitalistic economic boom, it almost seems Obama wants to force the trend to socialistic economies, and communistic regimes.

Former Muslim Brotherhood member turned-Christian Walid Shoebat writes about the Obama family’s legacy: “How a family of terrorists fooled America.”  They have promoted Wahhabist interests in Saudi Arabia and were the greatest supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Maybe one should determine Obama’s actual motives.

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