Congressman Al Green – Too Stupid for Words

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By News Desk Editor: 

The leftists of course are going apoplectic over President Trump’s recent firing of FBI Director James Comey.

The Dems have raised the bar for double standards to dizzying heights with their abrupt 180 on Comey. Two weeks ago, they hated his guts and were still blaming him for Hillary’s loss.

Now, suddenly he is the most saintly individual to ever head up a government agency.

A number of Democrats are calling for a special prosecutor to be appointed to look into alleged “collusion” with Russia by Trump and/or associates.

We’ve had eight months of zero proof of any “collusion” – if there was anything there we would already know about it.

The motive is all politics – undermine Trump and his agenda is the name of the game being played by the Dems and their willing sycophants in the press (or is it the other way around).

There are a small handful of Dumb Dems calling for Trump’s impeachment, including the perpetually dumb Maxine Waters who called for Trump’s impeachment before he actually took office. We expect abject stupidity from Maxine Waters – it’s sort of her trademark.

Now we have another Dumb Dem who has jumped into the impeachment fray…one Al Green (no, not the R&B crooner), a congressman from Texas who thinks congress should impeach Trump for firing Comey.

From the Washington Times:

“President Trump is not above the law. He has committed an impeachable act and must be charged,” said Rep. Al Green, Texas Democrat. “To do otherwise would cause some Americans to lose respect for, and obedience to, our societal norms.”

An impeachable act? The last time we checked, the FBI director serves at the pleasure of the President, and can be fired for any reason, or even no reason.

Green said the act was to “intimidate” and “obstruct” the investigation into the so-called Russian “collusion” for which there is no proof.

However lame the Russian narrative may be, the investigation is ongoing whether Comey is there or isn’t there…

Which means the only provable “act” by Trump is that he fired an FBI director, which he is absolutely within his rights to do.

Even the leadership of the Democrat Party knows they have nothing here, which is why they are not jumping on the “impeachment” narrative, and restricting their talking points to less inflammatory rhetoric.

Green has now managed to lower himself to the intellectual level of Maxine Waters. When a congress critter achieves this level of illogical “thinking” and obtuseness, the only phrase that comes to mind is “too stupid for words”.

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  1. there is no proof of anything as of yet and this mental giant is calling for his impeachment. Tell where this moron went to school. Does anybody in congress no the law of the U.S. Constitution anymore? Pathetic!!

  2. Green has now managed to lower himself to the intellectual level of Maxine Waters, no, he’s from Texas so he should be compared to Shelia Jackson Lee who is not as smart as Maxine Waters.

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