Welcome to Capitol Hill Outsider! 

Capitol Hill Outsider was created as an alternative to not only the main stream media (MSM), but to many “conservative” sites as well.

We believe the term “conservative” has become an overused (and misused) phrase. In reality, we prefer the term “constitutionalist” as it is a more apt description of what we believe. Unfortunately, most Americans have no idea what we mean when we say “constitutionalist” as schools no longer teach about the U.S. Constitution. Unlike many “conservatives”, when we speak of “limited government”, we don’t refer to slowing down the rate of government growth, which is what those inside the beltway generally mean – we mean the federal government is bound to only be involved with those things set aside in the US Constitution as “enumerated powers”. True conservatism is based on our founding documents, and the original intent of our founding fathers, That is our view…

We also recognize the Founders’ belief in “freedom of religion”, as expressed in our constitution’s first amendment, and that in no way did they mean “freedom from religion”, nor did they intend to remove religion from the public square. All of the Founders’ writings confirm their intent. We in fact, are a nation built upon Judeo-Christian principles and values.

The “Outsider” is for those dedicated to constitutional principles and the Founders’ original intent..

Editor/publisher — Chip McLean
Associate Editor — Chris Adamo
Associate Editor — David L. Hunter

A Little History

Capitol Hill Outsider was founded in 2012 as a companion site to Capitol Hill Coffee House. CHCH began publication in 2003 as a forum for conservative minded folks across America to meet and discuss issues of the day. A front page quickly followed and featured a number of writers from a “broad spectrum of conservative thought”. The e-zine became a daily, and the forum had a very lively community. In more recent times, popular social networking vehicles such as Facebook have caused traditional forums for the most part to become less popular. Due to declining forum traffic and other more personal issues of the publisher, the site was not updated for a few months. After some reflection, Chip McLean, the editor/publisher believed it was time to jump back into the arena.

Believing that our constitutional republic was in even more peril than ever, McLean developed the concept for Capitol Hill Outsider – an online publication that features cutting edge writers willing to take on the elitist, inside-the-beltway mentality that dominates both major political parties.

The site features a contemporary look, along with imagery designed to complement our authors’ compelling articles.  In addition, readers may use the comment system to discuss our articles (subject to CHO guidelines).

Updates to the Outsider will be done on an almost daily basis.

The older arm of Outsider News Publishing – Capitol Hill Coffee House – is no longer updated, but the articles there will remain available as an archive for those wishing to read material that still remains relevant. In many instances, CHCH writers made a number of predictions that have indeed come to pass.


Capitol Hill Outsider is dedicated to the memory of LB Neal, who served as technical advisor and assistant editor to Capitol Hill Coffee House for a number of years. “Neal” passed away in 2012 but the late editor of American Daily (and a number of other sites) will be remembered for being a selfless, untiring champion for constitutional values.

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LB Neal

Neal’s last pic: “The Old Man & the Surf”
Graphics by Pati Neal