Faith and Living

Gary Hart, Donna Rice, and Jesus Christ: The Under-reported Christian Angle to the Gary Hart Scandal of “Front Runner”

By Jerry Newcombe: Read the Christian testimony of Donna Rice Hughes, who got caught up in a world-famous scandal, and how God has used the lowest point of her life to bring about good… [Continue Reading]

Big Gubmit

Who Could Possibly Support Nullification?

By Jake MacAulay: Donald Trump’s new interim Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, was recently criticized by CNN for holding to the proper, legitimate, and constitutional position that states have a right and a duty to interpose and nullify unconstitutional federal laws, policies, or court opinions. [Continue Reading]

Science, Energy & Climate

California wildfires rage – politicians ignore incompetence and blame “climate change”

By Paul Driessen: Resorting to “manmade climate change” has become the favorite, most politically expedient tactic for deflecting attention away from the abject, ideological, even criminally incompetent forest management practices. [Continue Reading]