Fusion GPS

The Search for a Russian Mole

By Cliff Kincaid: FBI Director Christopher Wray will have to clean house… Then the focus can move back to where it belongs — the espionage activities of Hillary Clinton and her boss, Barack Hussein Obama. […]

The News Desk

Former Fiancée of Amb. Chris Stevens Killed in ‘Battle of Benghazi’, Launches TV Talkfest “TIME TO GET REAL WITH LYDIE DENIER”

By Jim Kouri: What is truly astounding is the news media’s failure to cover the reaction of family members, love ones and friends to Ambassador Chris Stevens’ murder. […]

DACA excuses
Amnesty-Border Security

Pay As You Go Amnesty

By Michael Shannon: The cultural Marxists in charge of the media, academia, commerce and government are, for the most part, convinced blanket amnesty for illegals is the way to go and the sooner the better. […]

Political Correctness

KKK Then and Now

By James Hall: For those duped into believing that the Trump Nation patriots are their enemy; wake up and gaze into the eyes of the progressives who have been deceiving you for generations. […]